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Feelings, emotions, mutual relationships, are the earth layer hidden beneath an endless story.
This story is written with signs induced by a string of conscious or unconscious choices : style, kind, subject, technique and material.

In this genuine «sign», beauty is an additional value to a self sufficient picture. What is always remaining for me is a constant research of new possibilities of expression giving birth to a completely unique writing, free of any connections or influences, watching from far away any developments in the field of art.

Art is for me a way of constructive and creative observation. Hence a certain realism. The work must be one’s life and feelings. Words cannot be borne by the work, the feelings must penetrate the audience by the eyes, a way of communication through the images. Signs bearing an intense silence, pictures needing no explanation, the whole story lays on the painting.

The face is the beginning, the horizon and the heart of every painting.
The visual language is a fight between shadow and light, between the known side and the unknown side of an individual.
The lit up side is the known part of beauty, positivism, opening and friendship. The dark side belongs to the unknown part, the spiritualism, the negativism of violence, alienation or loneliness.

What I cannot utterly comprehend is why so much violence and aggression can exist inside grown-up and well-bred human beings.
Why so much negative feelings and behaviours can spread into the dark side. Why people who could be friends under other circumstances, choose to kill each other in Africa or in Bosnia, in the middle of sporting events or at the time of the Nine Eleven apocalypse. From that duality, I am trying to find the tremendous drawing or the painting surpassing every previous work.

An idea wakes up with the seeing or the feeling of something. An idea growing up, changing, rippening, is a kind of mechanism of the thought from a number of experiments or considerations resulting of a personal understanding and a judgment.

I am trying to create my own world symbolizing or suggesting the silence. I am wondering about the world we are living in and I am trying to give life to that world with various techniques through an enigmatic sensitivity. Strange faces hiding a mysterious and intense silence.
Colors give an exceptional energy. They dictate our emotions, ideas and feelings.

To sum up, I can assert that the art is a whole part of my own life, without being under the influence of theories, principles or compellings.
I work from intuition. The 'visual language' becomes the bearer of a part of my story and my personal emotions which are the signs of concentration and intensive work without any literary claim.
It is only a pure image. Later in a time of recognition, the audience can add a literary side.

Only the commitment with the audience is giving life to a work of art. That side gives energy to the work, creates an interaction.
I sometimes meet a true observation of my work in the audience, and only that honesty in the communication can feed my passion.
I do not think I have another way to see things, but I have another way to interpret, relativize and experiment. My soul do not always answer to obligations and principles of the society.

Through the chaos, I am continually trying to find my own self, to experiment as a human being without any constraints and far from the society.

Through the uncertainty of this experiment, my need of a perpetual assertion is expressing itself in a language of images allowing the audience to look into my own soul.

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